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Get your Booster Packs Sponsored - $10

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Hello guys..This has been at the back of my head for a long time. So lets start at Booster Packs.

43oh will be glad to sponsor your initial Booster Pack[bP] development. $10 will be awarded to you to make initial PCBs or purchase parts. It's not much, but it is an incentive. A max of two BPs will be sponsored/month.

Your selection depends on the following factors:
[1] Be a member on this forum for at least 4 weeks and have a minimum of 20 posts.
[2] A thread in the Booster Pack sub-forum.
[3] Create initial schematics and layouts in the thread, including selection of parts.
[4] BP usable by a large number of people.
[5] Open source your schematic and PCB Files. Git it if you have to, but keep a copy on the Forum.
[6] Some amount of test code if the success of your Booster Pack depends on it.
[7] A voting system for the community to decide if the BP needs to be sponsored. I'm not sure how many votes make a good BP. If there are enough "Yes" votes(more than 50%) than "No"... your sponsored.

I can't think of anything else.I'd also like to put a donate button for members to donate towards the pool. Would there be any interest in this? Donations will be made public to ensure transparency. I would appreciate the communities response to the idea. This will also help increase the number of sponsorships/month.

There is no liability once you are sponsored(since the schematics/PCB files have been shared). It's a matter of mutual understanding that you will not run away with the boards. Maybe give them away with the interested party paying for shipping.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep this KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Also, no arguing, but intelligent debate when voting. This is NOT a competition.

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Great idea!


Definitely add the donate button. Would donations go to sponsoring a specific project, or into the sponsorship pool? Either seems good, specific seems more complicated.


"Another great community-building idea, brought to you by Bluehash and 43oh.com" voice> :lol:

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Would donations go to sponsoring a specific project, or into the sponsorship pool? Either seems good, specific seems more complicated.

It would go to a pool, not a specific project. Community decides whether it needs to get sponsored.


"Another great community-building idea, brought to you by Bluehash and 43oh.com" voice>

Hehe...I hear it in Walter Cronkite's voice. I've seen him in some old news runs.

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This is a Great Idea. I have not yet finished my MSP430F5310 board.

I think I can modify it for making it into a shield for Launchpad.


Check out my project on github:

https://github.com/boseji/MSP430-Launch ... 10breakout


Here is a schematics snapshot:



Added the Project Post:


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I have a schematic and board layout for an MSP that supports the following features - it's not a boosterpack though it's a standalone board that breaks out the debug pins so you can connect it to a launchpad for programming. I personally find this a more cost-effective approach because the chips by themselves are a couple of bucks, and the final product is more flexible. This board will be used in several projects. An LED matrix, A robot with ultrasonic sensors, and some audio project or other. Perhaps a digital guitar effects pedal or something.


Two power supply options:

 Step up power supply using NCP1450 - can be enabled/disabled by the micro. In the robot project it won't power the micro, but will step up to 5v for the ultrasonic sensors.

 Linear regulator.


Two DRV883 H-bridge motor driver footprints.


One MCP4911 DAC for audio output.


And six of the GPIO outputs can be connected up to FETs to control other types of output. I'm using these for the rows of an LED matrix, but they would be useful for anything.


Footprints for either a surface mount or a thru-hole crystal.


Optional LC power supply filtering for the output of the boost regulator (the inductor can just be bridged, which is what makes it optional :) )


Eagle files attached.






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