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LCD for MSP430G2

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Depends on the size you want (physical and lines/chars per line), but there are a lot of options.


I have used a numbers of them, including these in the last 6 months:


Parallax 27977 2 lines X16 chars (pricey-- about $30), which is 5V supply, but the serial functions ok at 3.3V. 

Noritake GE256X64B-7032B  256X64 pixel (currently on clearance at Noritake site... about $15)

A couple from Adafruit that appear to be out of stock (a 20X4 and a 16X2, using the HC44780)

Several models of  Noritake VFD's


There are a ton of models available from the usual places for less money, most with the similar knockoff controllers, of which I have used few, but can make no  recommendations.


On the launchpad, I generally use lightly modified sample code from the TI samples for conventional (asynchronous) serial, rather than a full library. I can post some snippets if you can't find anything. You might also want to take a look at Energia.

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slac467 zip archive at www.ti.com/lit/sw/slac467i/slac467i.zip has a number of examples (IIRC, there are several SPI, I2C and asynch serial examples). slac435  is the sample code for the launchpad, but all  of the samples use timerA0 and software, rather than the hardware serial. It has been so long since I built my toolkit, I can't recall which samples I stole from (I just ref'd slac467 and slac080 in my docs)

THere are resources on this forum like

There are a lot of examples around the web, such as https://www.embeddedrelated.com/showarticle/420.php


Definitely see slau144 section 15 for full detail of the USCI block.

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