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Hokay, I have a question for all you peeps...


Would anyone be interested in a MSP430 based sumo competition? Everyone could make a sumo bot according to these rules:



We could initially pick one of the two weight classes but if we get enough, we could have both.

You would build your bot and when finished, pack it up and ship it to one location to compete. When that round is over, maybe send all the bots to another location to fight again! and when the robots come to your arena, you can repair/modify your robot. Any place that is going to be an arena has to have a means to stream the match on uStream or the like. I'd be willing to build the arena and ship it off to the next round if need be (though shipping would be expensive for a big piece of wood.. maybe acrylic?). I think this would be a fun idea.. you would of course have to use an msp430 as the brains, and no other uC's are allowed? or maybe thats just a bottleneck. who knows, any thoughts? ideas? I wana do this, and if its just me and one other sumo bot i'm still interested!


Let me know what you guys think! I can even host a website for submissions, rules, and the streaming server.



(back in the game)

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MIT created a great guide for students competing in the autonomous robot competitions in the 1990's. People here might find some useful information in the 6.270 Robot Builder's Guide, I found a copy of the 1992 version here:




Past competition page here:





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