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TSSOP28 / TSSOP38 breakout-board (breadboard-compatible)

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Just ordered some samples from TI using TSSOP 28 + 38 ... so i made a breakout for some experimenting with them - 2.54 mm pitch - so i can use it on regular breadboard.


I am thinking about using the bottom-side for another 1 or 2 packages - but not sure which ones i should integrate


Maybe QFP or QFN - any suggestions / whishes? (maximum 38 pins supported ;)) Or instead of more packages some SMT components? leds? push-buttons? jumpers? whatever?


here's a first pic:


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thats not possible as far as i see in the datasheets ... i wanted to make it as flexible as possible ... using headers on the 2 sides ... just need to connect 4 wires from the breadboard - VCC, VSS, RST and TEST


edit: when connected to the launchpad you can use the onboard reset-button :)


just for example (these are 2 of the chips i sampled - and i also ordered some ftdi-usb-uart-chips): compare the DVSS, DVCC, AVSS, AVCC - pins on these 2 MCU's :(





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