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Programming MSP430 with Energia on Mac: No USB FET was found

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I'm having trouble programming my MSP430FR2433LP with Energia on my Mac. When I try to upload the program, it gives me this error:


MSP430: Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found.


Strangely, I am able to program it with the online Code Composer Studio. I have made it blink red and green lights. Unfortunately, I'm not trying to become an embedded programmer (while that would be fun, I do not have the time) so I do not want to learn CCS, registers, and serial communications in pure C. Props to all you who can do this. I really want this to work with Energia - it will save me many hours down the road.


I also tried this on my Windows Parallels desktop emulation software (which works pretty damn near perfectly like a true Windows OS), but I got the same error message!


The board and USB cable are clearly working if I can program with CCS. So what is going on with Energia?



Another Mac-using engineer with problems

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I am having the exact same error with my board (MSP-EXP430FR2355). I am currently running the newest version of the Mac os (Catalina). I have no way of connecting to my board even though the LED's light up and the code compiles. 

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