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How to blink randomly?

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Yo, there Im using a tm4c1294nctd, Im wondering how to modify the existing blink example to make the internal led (D2/PF4) blinks randomly instead of a fixed time.

Im trying to modify the

digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);

digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);

with someting like

digitalWrite(LED[j], HIGH);

      j = (j+1) % 5;

But I realized this is gonna run over a given number of leds instead of time.

I humbly request ideas.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Rei Vilo  hit the main point


I will ask WHICH blink example you are referring to. There are a number of them.


Background: the basic structure is that you turn on the LED, have a delay, turn off the LED, and another delay. What you did include your message does not show the delay... it is what turn on hte LED. There is a delay somewhere, and that is where you want the random value.



You may want to restrict the random value to a certain range to keep the random blinking reasonable in appearance.

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