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Hows everyone doing ? Just curious . . .


So in the last two years, I have done zero coding. The contract for the last paid programming job I had ended in December 2017. When a buddy of mine( from High school ) found out and asked me if I wanted to visit / hangout at his place for a while. Since his place was/is located on Maui . . . yeah.Enough said.

So again, no coding in the last couple years. Checking the local job offers through craigslist / news paper. Not many tech jobs become available here. However with the release of the Beaglebone AI, I started to get that itch again. Then within the last couple days, I finally saw a listing on craigslist that turned my head. C++ engineer job with preferred unreal(game engine) experience. The first person I thought of was Rick, when all of a sudden I realized it had been a while since I've visited here.

Anyways, not really much going on here with me. Just working the typical job(Hospitality) making ends meet. Chasing after the local "wild life" ;) What have you all been up to? Seriously considering taking a crash course in C++ / Unreal game engine. . .

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I'll bite.

Still teaching engineering. and still work as weld engineer (and whatever other label they need) for the same company.


Doing more work on the side. Pumped out about 3K lines of code for a machine control during June and July (and hardware to interface to the existing hardware). Got introduced to a new-to-me form of NDA that essentially makes the two months not exist in my resume. Device used was an MSP430, as it was sufficient and I have them in stock.

CNC'd my lathe (another MSP430... yup I have a pretty big stock of several flavours)


As winter approaches and the temperature today was 5 degrees (40F), I envy where you are. But I would not survive in hospitality. I have avoided it, even in lean times, because I know it would not go well. You have my deep respect.

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enl, I appreciate the sentiment. I'll tell you one thing. It's got me in the best shape I've been in years. Passed that,well it pays the bills. Not exactly the best job,  but it allows me to live where I'm currently living. So not all bad. I get excited every whale season, go out with a few cameras, and come back with several awesome images of whales breaching,slapping tails, or whatever they're willing to share with us at the given time. Then, the local marine life is fairly outstanding as well. Last week, I took a road trip to the north shore( I live on the west side ) to a surf spot called Ho'okipa(Ho-Oh-Keep-A), and found myself taking pictures of children of all ages, and ethnic backgrounds. Surfing. Was very surprised to see a couple kids in the 5-6 years age range. Surfing by themselves ! Or at least standing on their boards on their own. It was pretty awesome.

So yeah, the job I'm currently doing can definitely be grueling. In the end however, I think what I get to do, and see in my free time, is well worth it. Still, I'll be looking for that ever elusive remote job . . .


By the way, My facebook profile is William Hermans. Anyone wanting to check out the pictures I've taken in the last couple years is more than welcome. Images of everything from local flowers, or wildlife. To images of fish, in or out of the water, to Wahine(Women) surfers. The last being my favorite of course ;)

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