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Barebones ADS7142 code for MSP430FR5969

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I'm new to firmware development. I have a custom board design with an MSP430FR5969 and ADS7142, programming with Energia, MSP430-FET, JTAG if it matters.

I would like some barebones starter code to configure my ADS7142 and enable I2C communication with my MSP430. 

The only thing I can find is this http://www.ti.com/lit/an/sbaa288a/sbaa288a.pdf and associated code (e.g. TM4C1294_ADS7142_Functions.c) 

Can I use this code on an MSP430 device? Is there any other barebones firmware that will run on Energia

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I had seen that thread and it might eventually help but it does not include any configuration code for the ADS7142, nor any configuration code for hardware I2C pins on the MSP430FR5969. Currently I can't even get I2C working on the hardware I2C pins of my launchpad - both SCL and SDA lines are held high. In any case if no such starter code exists I will work on figuring it out myself. Thanks 


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