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Reading a PT1000 RTD with a MSP430i2041

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I am measuring two strain gauges with the first two differential ADC input channels on a MSP430i2041. I would like to measure the temperature of my DUT on one channel. All the app notes I found (SBAA275, SBAA330A, others ) suggest using a current source and then a reference resistor over the positive and negative reference inputs of the ADC.

As I use the internal reference of the MSP430 for measuring the strain gauges, I can't exactly go and force another voltage on the reference.

As a "cheap" possibility, would it be possible to connect


where [10k] are low tempco resistors and attach ADCIN4 and ADCIN5 across the PT1000 or is there another solution short of going for a digital temperature sensor? In my proof of concept I am using a DS18B20 but in its highest resolution setting I have to wait for the conversion result for about a second, which limits whatever else I can do on the MCU


Thank you very much for any hints.



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