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I will back back soon

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No Job yet but I think I have some of my spark back :)



Starting a New MSP430 based robot with differential steering and pingpong balls for cheap casters lol.....




@RobG I wish I was better at java, but PHP is my strong point. Thanks for the offer :)




I do have to thank this forum for bing so great!

Now time to catch up on about 26 pages of new posts lol

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Is the chassis a panel from a CD drive? :lol:



Good eye, Yes it is.



As for the brains, I will be including a 3 msp430 chips, 1x F2013 of G2231 and 2x G2452?

the 14 pin dip is for the IR sensors, one 2452 is going to be used as SPI/i2c motor control, to control the 2 motors, and up to four servos.

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On the contrary...

Now you should make even more projects and post them in your CV. Also you should edit your forum signature to indicate that author of this awesome projects is looking for job.


This is what I've been doing. I recommend it.


Last year about this time, I started figuring out the Dallas One Wire temperature sensor stuff. A friend of mine told a company about it. They are the world's largest user of Dallas One wire temp sensors. That company contacted me and hired me to do a couple of non-one-wire projects for them. I got a chance to earn some badly need money and a chance to prove to them that I was a trustworthy EE.


Today, I am working a full time contract with them doing all of their EE hardware design and the possibility of full time employment is very real.


I wholeheartedly recommend that you pour yourself into yourself. Make anything and everything you personally want to do. Develop new skills and cultivate new experiences so that you're ready to pounce on work when it comes.


If possible, make your own product and sell it. Start small. Make something that you want and need. If you're passionate about it then someone else will be as well.


When you complete your design then you will have a trophy that you can remind yourself "Hey! I did it. I made this myself. I AM AWESOME! Here's the proof!"


If you need some concrete steps in this process then just ask. My door is open.

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