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Is MSP432P4111 supported by Energia?

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According to MSP432P4111 Launchpad User's guide (Revised Jan 2019: http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau747b/slau747b.pdf)

Page 22: "Your device is also supported by the Energia IDE"

However, I see no mention of the P4111 in the board manager 1.8.7.E21 (Win10) ...only the P401R and the E401Y.

Is this board actually supported?  ...perhaps by selecting the P401???


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So is Energia itself dying/dead?   There doesn't appear to be much going on...we are pushing a year since an upgrade...The P4111 has been out for over 2 years with claims by TI to be supported by Energia and it still isn't and doesn't seem like it will be any time in the near future.

Is this a lack of interest by TI?  Are they planning on dropping the Lauchpads?   A lack of support in community? ... or has the product just sort of reached it's natural life and people have moved on.  I like the product, but I'm beginning to feel alone in the world :)  


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Feel free to join the team and port Energia to the MSP432P1111!

Except for the GPIOs used by the LCD, the ports and peripherals exposed on the MSP432P1111 LaunchPad are the same as those of the MSP432P401R LaunchPad.

The LCD panel is the same used on the MSP430FR4133 and MSP430FR6989, with the LCD_Launchpad library. Obviously, ports and bits need to be adapted.

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