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Library required for 2.2" Adafruit LCD with ILI9340C driver.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm looking for ILI9340C library so that I can import that library in Energia and burn a program on TIVA C series. I read some of the forums on this websites but some people are using a different launchpad and some are using ILI9341 or some other LCD. I need to work with TIVA C launch pad and ILI9340. I'm using Energia. Before that I was Using Keil uVision to make some libraries for TIVA C Launchpad to work with ILI9340 but that were not that much efficient. I read some of you successfully made libraries to work with TIVA C launcpad and ILI9340 but links provided on those forums are not working or the content from those links have been removed. So please help me. Thanks.

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I don't have the libs you are looking for, but I would guess that someone may be able to help you in the next day or two. The traffic here has slowed is fairly low these days, but many of the members do check in fairly often. If you don't hear anything in a day or two, I will do some digging. If you find the library you need elsewhere (or find it here somewhere), please do follow up in this thread.

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I got required library from following forum:



I downloaded below mentioned file. 



I did some changes in original program so that I can connect TIVA C with ILI9340C LCD.


I used SPI0 instead of SPI2. Also I changed header file tm4c123gh6pge to tm4c123gh6pm. the code is working fine for me but sometime I have to reset my launchpad several times. I connect PA7 with RST pin of screen and now that resting issue i also resolved. 


Now I'm using the following Pin configuration.

PA2--> SCK







Also I have changed the frequency to 8MHz.




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@terjeio Thanks a lot for schematic.


I need schematic for 2.2" Adafruit LCD with ILI9340C driver breakout board. 

@terjeio In your schematic I have to connect a whole LCD break out board. I want to implement LCD, LCD driver and micro controller on a single PCB. I don't want to use any break out board because of space issue. SO if any one have the schematic for 240x320 2.2" TFT with ILI9340C by Adafruit breakout board please share.


Thanks again. 

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Basically, you have two options:

  1. Adapt an already existing Arduino library to the LaunchPad. You’ll need to dig deep into the code and understand how it works. See the FAQ 
  2. Read the data-sheet of the controller and develop the library from scratch. This way, you’ll learn how a display controller works. 

As a matter of facts, option 2 proved to be easier for me when I developed my LCD_screen Library Suite.

Have fun!

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