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[ ENDED ] Nov-Dec 2011 - 43oh Project of the Month Contest

Vote for the Nov-Dec 2011 - 43oh Project of the Month Contest.  

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After a brief break, entry to the Nov-Dec 2011 contest is open. We are hoping that this be a mega contest with alot of entries. There is a ton of useful resources shared on the Forums. Be ambitious. At the same time, submit your project, even if it is a simple one. We are still adding prizes. You may win even if you do not expect it.


Last date of Submission : December 26th, 2011


We have exciting and awesome prizes this time. Lets start:

[1] X-Tronic 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station graciously donated by SugarAddict.



[2] PanaVise 201 by our sponsor All-Spec.


[3] One Serial LCD Backpack donated by Rob. This is an assembled PCB. An LCD costs around $3.50 on ebay.

Rob makes awesome little Booster Packs and other stuff for the MSP430, aptly named "430Things"


[3] The Terminal - 128x64 OLED Booster Pack by 43oh


[4] Paladin PA1118 GripP 20 Wire Cutter/Stripper by our sponsor All-Spec.


[5] A "BOARD" prize (idea by Robg), where you get to choose any one of the following boards

- 595 Expander PCB

- Three Wire LCD Breakout

- One Soundpad PCB


[6] 2xLS Research Proflex01 Zigbee radios donated by oPossum.

If you have any kits or breakout boards to donate/lying unused, send us a mail and we'll put it up here. This time the number of entries needed for a valid POTM is ten.


Members who have donated can also participate. It will be unfortunate not to have them. Thanks to All-Spec and Saleig for being our Sponsors for the next three months.


To submit your entry, make an entry into this thread with the following:

1 - A small description of your project.

2 - A picture or video of your setup

3 - Code.

4 - Schematic(rough/hand drawn is fine as long its legible)


About judging the winner :

- A week before the contest ends, a poll will be created with all the project entries. Only members of the forum will be allowed to vote.

- The contest will roll over to the next month if there are fewer than 10 projects(ten or less).


A few simple rules to follow:

- You must be a member of the 43oh forum at least a week before your submission.

- One entry from each member will be permitted.

- Your project can be anything based around the MSP430. You may interface the MSP430 to another controller.

- You may reuse code from anywhere as long as you give credit to the original author.

- You must submit code and schematics of your project with a proper description.

- You can submit your MSP430 project, even if it was created before the annoucement of the contest.

- You must have at least 10 posts in the forums, for your entry to be considered when the voting begins.

- A member is free to modify his/her code to perfection, till the closing date, as long as the original entry is not changed.

For eg: If a member submits "Launchpad controlled Space Shuttle", he/she can modify code, schematics and hardware and improve upon it till the closing date. But a change in project to "Launchpad controlled Robot" will not be allowed. Hopefully this will encourage members to post their projects early and not play the waiting game.


Previous Contests:

November 2010 --[Announce] [ Winner]

December 2010 --[Announce / Winner]

April 2011 --------[Announce / Winner]

May/June 2011---[Announce / Winner]

July-Sep 2011-----[Announce / Winner]


Winner Announcement

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this is my entry to 2011 Nov/Dec POTM.   been a while since my last project. the "bad apple" sound and sight reminds me of days when i spend afternoons in video arcade shop/parlor/institute? wasting

I was surprised myself. In any event, thanks to all for your consideration!   And many thanks to SugarAddict for his generous donation!   I'll be up for donating an assembled reflow oven kit fo

After a brief break, entry to the Nov-Dec 2011 contest is open. We are hoping that this be a mega contest with alot of entries. There is a ton of useful resources shared on the Forums. Be ambitious. A

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Here is my entry to the PotM: Universal Panel Meter.

The MCU is MSP430G2xx3 and the display is Nokia 5110.

Here are the specs:

Number of channels: 2

Reference: internal or external (space for optional Maxim's, Linear's, and TI's Vrefs.)

Input protection.

Optional shunt resistor.

Host connection: SPI & UART (optional RS232.)

Optional resistor divider and multi-turn pot.

Two general use outputs/inputs.

Two switches.

Board size: 45mm x 45mm (50mm with 2 optional switches and 2 LEDs,) matches 5110 footprint.


Little background. My original panel meter was designed to fit behind 4 digit 0.56" LED display. Then I figured it will be better to use 16x2 LCD which will let me display more information. Now, after playing around with 5110, I decided that this display is the perfect choice for me since nothing beats nice GUI.



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Hey all,


I would like to submit my MSP430 SMT Reflow Oven for POTM.

The function of the project is to assist in the soldering of SMT. Again, i'm a open source type of guy so I have provided all the source files required for the project. Code, Schematic, Pictures, and a video can be found here:












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My entry for the POTM is the screaming tea timer I posted a few days ago.http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1788


It uses a MSP430G2553 to make a raving rabbids inspired tea timer that screams when the countdown reaches 0.



* ~2s scream output by PWM

* 4xLR44 batteries

* 2 input buttons

* 1 line SPLC780D character display

* baking time from 1s to 3 hours

* 4 neodynium magnets to make it stick on the fridge







All comments welcome.

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Hi Gurus,


Does doing a project on eZ430-Chronos-watch (Chronos wathc from TI) falls as MSP430 project for this contest -- from TI MCU web-pages, watch's MCU falls under the MSP430 :)


Please confirm.


Thanks & regards


Yes it should.


The winner of the Dec 2010 contest was a ez430 after all :D

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Entering my RGB Binary Clock into the contest. Shown here, http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1855#p13002. The most up to date code is at that link as well. The array will be mounted in frame with a frosted front panel.





Custom PCB with MSP430G2553 and Capsense area

WS2801 SPI RGB strip converted into 5x6 array

Capsense Buttons for incrementing hours and minutes

Adjustable brightness via capsense slider

Possible Booster Pack if I can sort out a simple power supply for it...


LM317D2TR4G based power supply. Not a LDO but needed for 1.5A. Includes screw terminal and barrel jack connectors. 10uF and 100uF caps are aluminum electrolytic. Final board will allow removal of button and jumper area to be power supply only.



Other functions are available for the panel. The code and video are at http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1855. Graphical functions as well as a 5x6 font map are ready. The font map currently only contains uppercase letters. As each character is thirty 32bit numbers it takes a while to build the array.

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Here is my submission for this POTM: PCF8566 & MSP430G

The project interfaces the Launchpad to a PCF8566 that controls a raw (no logic) LCD panel. The LCD panel that I used most likely cannot be purchased easily as I salvaged it from a scrapped digital blood pressure device. However, I believe the code should be adaptable to most any raw LCD display. The code as written will display the temperature alternately between Fahrenheit and Celsius and a small character in the upper right hand corner of the display will change from F to C accordingly.

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