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Vanilla is being relaunched by Blizzard

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My opinion is that this is the wrong thing to do. This makes each class truly unique in its own unique manner. I'm assuming that EVERY course would have any ability. So even though these  Gold in WoW Classic classes, as a whole, would not be"balanced", at least all classes would be balanced together in the specific sense that everybody would get some kind of awesome ability.

Does this make sense, or am I just talking from my orifice? I am one of these nerds that are ultra-literal. I mean, when I started WoW Classic a few years back, I actually thought that it was not possible to sell over 12 items to some NPC at any one time, since they have just 12 slots in their window. So I would empty the junk out of my bags only 12 things at a time, then wait a few hoursthen have another move. (I know -- pitiful!) Despite the fact that I likely butchered the comprehension of the important information, it's highly appreciated.

A good one no one appears to remember:Pre fixed Deathcoil made the target ignore'a few' terrain collision boxes and these could wind up glitching players into out-of-bound areas, this could be a positive and negative thing; the player could get stuck or fall in the void, or become a fantastic thing and the Flag Carrier at WSG could wind up outside the map at which he could never be seen nor attacked (for example if they ended up running off the roof at the Horde base they would wind up in the terrain only behind the flag room, this was occasionally purposfully orchestrated between people on opposite factions whom met on the forums).

It is not just great that these innovators aren't forgotten, but their legacy is tossed around like an echo, while so many others have been abandoned. It's also great how it is some Hanzel und Grezel piece of butt breadcrumbs back into the origin, clearly depicting how breadcrumbs youtubers replicate eachother. No offense meant. I see so many content conjurers constantly calling upon Mute while people like Grim are slowly forgotten.

Do not only read the tooltips of the previous skills while glancing over the fact that you didn't experience it. Knowing you're sick won't cure you. Don't replicate how everybody copies Mute's screen of how evisc didn't scale with stats. While Vanilla is being relaunched by Blizzard, these content creators that are echoing how broken rogues were Buy WoW Classic Items, simply discourage people from wanting this reboot to take place. I'm sorry for creating two points at precisely the exact same time, but they're not difficult to dissect and differentiate.

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