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Hello Guys,

I have CC1310 Launchpad and I'm trying to attach an DS18B20 to it, but the library (Onewire.h doesn't have a definition for this board).


In file included from C:\Users\Astrall\Documents\energia-1.8.7E21\libraries\OneWire\examples\DS18x20_Temperature\DS18x20_Temperature.pde:1:0:

C:\Users\Astrall\Documents\energia-1.8.7E21\libraries\OneWire/OneWire.h:167:2: error: #error "Please define I/O register types here"

 #error "Please define I/O register types here"

Does anyone have a definitions for it, it will be great.



Screenshot - 31.7.2019 г. , 11_50_33.png

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