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CC3200 MQTT Connection Issue

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I was using CC3200 to publish sensor data to a MQTT broker (iot.eclipse.org). I was trying on a demo where sensor data is received over Sub 1GHz RF and using CC3200 uploaded to the cloud via MQTT. Everything was woking fine like 7 days, but for the last 5 hours MQTT publish wont work, device is connecting to wifi though.

This is a bizzare scenario I get no error while compiling, but I am getting a new warning:

  Description Resource Path Location Type deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]  Cloud_Gateway.ino    /Cloud_Gateway    line 138    C/C++ Problem

for the line---------client.connect("myCC3200_gateway_maaislam");

Could this be a hardware issue  or im missing something? Can anyone shed some light on the matter Please...I have also attached my .inofile with this post. Please note I am using energia sketch in CCS. (Same thing happens in energia as well )


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