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CNC-milling: create 3 different frequencies with MSP430G2553

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for information have a look at rap-rap controller, G-code interpreter based on Arduino-mega.

A complete hardware project.


What kind of Stepper do you use? Vcc?

If the stepper is a 6V and you use 6 or 8V Vcc you can do a tourn/Second at maximum. You need a high Vcc for fast movement, if you wont only small movement, ok.

Exist on ebay a seller: longs_motor who sell stepper and controller, low cost. In some situations the Vcc is 240V fo support full speed.


I'm generally agree with the idea of an engaged controller with many pwm.


For the problem of SMD i have wrote a post universal PCB,  between some days i'll post preliminary PCB with MSP 100pin 6pwm 3 AD 16bit.


The best solution i think, with the PC compile the movement instructions in a easier system:

in the trouth you consider the space as a bitmap, if you dray a line, with no microstep, you need to do one step in a direction and 2 or 3 or 10 it depend in another direction, the same for other direction. You post via RS232 well if you use http://www.ebay.it/itm/1pcs-USB-2-0-to-TTL-UART-6PIN-Module-Serial-Converter-CP2102-STC-PRGMR-/251039347548?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a731c735c very fast and it give +3.3V for controller.

So 2 bytes 1 time delay 2 data: the data is 8 bit step(4 pin max) and dir(4 pin max) it wait given time from previous command and then write it on port, so no jitter, simply to do. few data.

There are programs for routing, necessary if you wont to use it for 3D, very complicated, you can do it but is a big works; in the rap-rap site you find information about.


If you wont to use POV-RAY for the 3D model there is a not too difficoult tecnique to transform it in a multi plane 2D image for control the machine.


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for SATYA my compression tecnique is possible for more channels not only 2 bytes, 3 or 4 for increase number of data and time slot.

Keep in mind that rap-rap controller do it, low power stepper but with long_motors controller you can use very strong engine!



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