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Altium users love the product, but very few people have experience with it.  AutoCAD seems to be more prevalent.  We are an Altium shop, but I'm having trouble filling a seat because no one has experience with it.  Should I abandon my search for an experienced Altium person and just hire an AutoCAD engineer?  If so, how hard is it to bring someone up to speed on Altium?



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Nah, don't hire an Autocad engineer. There are plenty of people out here who can drive Altium.

The special people are the ones who can drive Protel, Altium, Orcad, Pcad, or PADS. They are CAD agnostic. I have met a few of them over the years.

I have been using Altium/Protel since the 1990's. It was the easiest program to drive back then and I had access through work.

In my neck of the woods, there are a lot of people who use Altium. We have a local guy who is pretty well known as a contract Altium guy.

It takes coaching to bring someone up the learning curve. If that person is excited about learning it then it becomes a happy task to climb the learning curve.


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