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My msp430 not receiving power?

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I have made a little music box using two piezoelectric buzzers (each one connected to P1.2 and P1.3). I also have a blue led connected to P1.1. if I wore my breadboard directly from the programmer board it works fine! But when I place the msp430 IC on the breadboard it doesn't seem to power on. I use 4 AA batteries connected to a DC regulator that outputs 3.3V to VCC. The regulator works fine. I've even tried the 5V and still nothing. I took everything off except the led and the led would not turn on via the mc. Has anyone else have any issues with this? I am new to all this so it's probably something I did wrong. Here's a oic


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@birgilfan, a simple schematic would be much more useful.  Impossible to tell from the photo how you have wired the system. Do you have a 47K resistor between Vcc and reset? If not, nothing will work.  The '430 needs a pullup on the reset line.  I can see there's a resistor for the LED, but can't tell if it's also on the RST/SPWTDIO pin.

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To enable a hardware reset of the device.  If the RST/NMI pin is low, the device is held in a perpetual reset.  It needs to be high for the chip to run.  Having made a similar omission years back I found out the need.  Take a look at any of the LP schematics, or better yet, the specs. In SLAS590M.pdf (for a msp430F5529) you'll find a description on pg. 18.

RST/NMI/SBWTDIO - Nonmaskable interrupt input, Spy-Bi-Wire data input/output when Spy-Bi-Wire operation activated

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