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As the title states, I need help coding an LED cube consisting of 27 RGB LEDs. I am very new to Charlieplexing and I have no idea how to wire it. I have attached the document that I am using to map out my wiring. Please help me complete it! I just need to know what wires I should connect. Thank you!

https://ibb.co/jJKVW1Q (actual hardware)
https://ibb.co/H7SFxDM (actual hardware)
https://ibb.co/yq2Yyd2 (actual hardware)
https://ibb.co/1RYFdfK (layout of every LED column)
https://ibb.co/3hrMtcj (diagram for 1st set of wires)
https://ibb.co/6sdhbjq (diagram for 2nd set of wires)
https://ibb.co/tcPSxF0 (diagram for 3rd set of wires)
https://ibb.co/Lvtsd8q (diagram for 4th set of wires)









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