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Sell your boards on 43oh - Discussion

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I would like to put this up for discussion, since it has been talked about. Since many of you have started making Booster Packs or even non-Booster Packs, I was hoping the store would serve as a platform and also get more boards out there.


This needs to be simple, I was thinking of the following:

1. Designer designs and verifies his first batch of his boards and proves it working in the Forums.

2. If many people are interested in it(voting/poll?), 43oh will consider putting it in the store.

3. If 43oh considers it(depending on price per unit/shipping), 43oh will buy a certain number of units at the price designer decides.

4. Product features on store with a little markup(handling+packing materials). Should be less than $5-$4, not sure yet.

5. Once Product is low on stock, request more from Designer.

6. Designer supports his board on the Forums.


Pros for Designer:

- Ship units in bulk to 43oh at cost.

- No shipping hassels

- High visibility of board on 43oh to prospective buyers.


Of course, Designer can sell his product on Ebay or sell it on the Forums. 43oh has no issues with that. Designer get to decide.

This idea may be filled with holes. So it is on the table to discuss.


PS: This is no way intended to monetize 43oh, so be rest assured. Raise your hand if you feel this will affect the community. The markup you see is for materials, gas and time.

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I think that would be nice... Should include a blog "section" (wiki page perhaps?) that the board designer can 'own'/modify for the common FAQ/code/updates/getting started guides type stuff... If they so choose. (I'm not a huge fan of the forum based 'landing' page for board stuff... I've contemplated writing a nice board repository for on my site... For support it's cool, but all the rest should be kinda like how TI has for their chips, a landing page with the general info, links to the right materials, and some directional pointers on what has already been done with the item...)

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