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Oled, improving large size font in MSP430

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Hello fellows, 

I need some help, i have get a code http://store.43oh.com/download/uploads/TheTerminal-OLEDDisplay/code/GWDeveloper-OLED_MSP430_USCI.zip.

Now I have made some changes and I get  the code working correctly, This display shows 4 lines of 8 pixels each, the code is implemented to work with a 6x8 font that is displayed correctly. I need to run a larger font, can anyone help me to rewrite the source code correctly that allows me to view a larger font correctly.

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thank you Terjeio, you saved my life, I've been trying to implement this for a long time.

My idea is to implement only a larger font to be able to display numbers, for the operate  a clock, can you help me  to simplify, I think my problem is only in loading the fonts, your code .does a lot, I need something minimalist to show a clock, let me share my code


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@biza : You mean you do not have room for all the glyphs in a large font? The Reddman font generator is nice in that respect as you can select which glyphs to generate, eg. only the numerals. I have done that in one of my projects, I had to adjust their width though - to make them monospaced.

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