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Problem with 5529 launchpad under mspdebug

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Have been working with G2553 for some time now, and decided to upgrade a bit.

So, I bought an F5529 launchpad. When I first connected it, it enumerated four devices, so I guess it is good.

Also, mspdebug recognized it immediately.

But then, I wanted to try the led blinker program from the C examples, and programming failed (see "error.txt" attachment). When I connect it to USB now, it is sluggish to enumerate, even throws some (radom number of) errors (on dmesg), but eventually it enumerates debugger and serial port. Mspdebug recognizes it normally, but programming does not work.

So then, I removed the isolation jumpers, and used some jumper wires to connect Vcc, rst, tst and gnd from my trusty old G2553 launchpad. With this, I could successfully program the 5529. (see "noerror.txt"attachment).

So, I can program now, but this is a bit clumsy, and I would be very thankful for any ideas how to get it working directly.



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