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how to get data writtne by the second basic example?

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HI All,

this newbie managed to get the LED lights to blink with the first basic example 'blink'.

but failed miserably in the second example attempted, namely ReadAnalogVoltage.

I copy the commands from the basic example, leaving out the comment lines

void setup() {
  // initialize serial communication at 9600 bits per second:
  Serial.begin(4800); // msp430g2231 must use 4800

void loop() {
  // read the input on analog pin A3:
  int sensorValue = analogRead(A3);
  // print out the value you read:

Somehow I think that the result should applear on /dev/ttyACM0 because elsewhere I tried to connect this one.

Nothing good happens.

Should I espect integer values for sensorValue to appear on /dev//ttyACM0 and if so, how do you get those values in a file?

If not, where do I get the values?

Thank yo for you insight

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yes I did: it said so right in the sample. In the meantime, I think I read somewhere that this particular board

is old and had some issues. Apparently, you had to add a pull-up resistor 47 (kOhm) to the RDX pin. 

I didn't do that yet because I haven't been able to confirm. 

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