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The 43oh Store

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Hello All,

This is to let you all know that The 43oh Store is now open. There are just three products for now Launchpad, Cap Boost Pack and the OLED Boost Pack. More will be added in due time including Stacking Headers. MSP430G2553s are on their way too.


The store is based off Opencart. It is one of the decent carts out there. Zencart was tried, but it was too clumsy. If anyone needs help setting up their store, I'll be glad to help.


Yes, buying the Launchpad from TI is cheaper, but this is just another place you can buy it from. Also, the store only ships to the US. However if you live elsewhere, drop me a pm and I'll see if it can be shipped to you.


Just wanted to let you guys know first. It will be announced on the Blog a week later. Any bugs or suggestions,please post here.


There are also plans for members to sell their Booster Packs or extensions. Just working on how to go about it.


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I sense a disturbance in my wallet... :D


Proofreading OLED booster description:

- "solder brisge"

- "you need(Male/Female)" needs a space after "need"

- "Launchpad(sold separately)" needs a space after "Launchpad" (TI spells it "LaunchPad")

- It looks like your CSS is making the "separately" link a different font; you could override with inline styling if you like


I love that you have 70 projects from the forums linked in the LaunchPad listing! :clap:

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