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I am using MSP432. I have also this TI Booster Pack Sense 1 Capacitive touch. I want use this device to teach my students interrupts, scheduling and multitasking. Unfortunately TI has stopped supporting the device. However I have downloaded the library and examples (CapTouchDemo, CapTouchButton, CapTouchProximity, and CapTouchRaw) written by Robert Wessels. I know those were for MSP430, but I have read that I can use them also for MSP432. Unfortunately when I run the program it gives error, please see the added file image for part of errors; there are more errors. It seems he is missing a header file. I have CapTouch.h, but there should be more. Or this one is not the proper one. I cannot find the header file on the internet.


Can somebody help me


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I think the cap touch demo is targeted to the CCS development environment, not Engergia. I see there is a captouch Energia library but see that it was not targeted to an MSP432 (as you noted).  I don't know what the effort would be to port to a 432.

FWIW, using CCS with interrupt-based code is likely to be far easier for your students to grasp and follow. There are numerous TI examples available that are focused on interrupts and other msp430 capabilities. Energia has a very sophisticated approach to interrupt handling (intentionally designed to hide the low-level code) and can be quite challenging for the uninitiated. You might also look to CCS 432 code examples for handling cap touch...

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