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The CC1310 LaunchPad has a sub-1 GHz radio.

On Energia,

  • Install the EasyLink library by calling the menu Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries..., then select EasyLink and click Install.
  • Select the board CC1310 LaunchPad.
  • Call the menu File > Example > EasyLink > EasyLinkTX for the transmitter example.
  • Call the menu File > Example > EasyLink > EasyLinkRX for the receiver example.

Both examples work together. Obviously, you need two CC1310 LaunchPad boards!

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Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for!  One more question if I may. When uploading sketch to LaunchPad in Energia IDE, does it upload via serial using bootloader or does it program chip directly via JTAG?  I want to program another CC1310 board that's not Launchpad based, so I'm trying to figure out if I can burn bootloader into it :)


Thanks a lot!

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Hello, I would like to know what files should I change to replace the easylink configuration files.

The default files in the easylink library are for 868MHz communication, but my boards are tuned to 915MHz and I can't find an obvious way to change them and obtain optimal communication.

I know the SmartRF Studio software can export the desired configuration files, but there are 2 folders ( smartrf_settings and easylink ) with related files. 


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