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Interfacing 16 X 2 LCD with/without I2C with cc3200 launchpad

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Interfacing without I2C

1. browse for "Liquid Crystal" folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-1.8.7E21\hardware\energia\msp430\libraries or on the path where you downloaded the energia.

2. copy the folder and paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-1.8.7E21\libraries.

note that this library is made for MSP430. You need to follow the pin convention of cc3200 launchpad.

3. open energia and change the rename the pin number as one given in the launchpad schematic. Make sure you dont use the pins that are connected to push buttons. try using the pins that are less multifunctional. use 5V as Vcc for Vdd and POT for best results.

for example, replace LiquidCrystal lcd(P2_0, P2_1, P2_2, P2_3, P2_4, P2_5);

with LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15);

4. There you go!. upload the code.


interfacing with I2c

best advantage of the I2C is only two pins are used for operation! Connect the LCD module to the I2C module.

1.download the library from https://www.arduinolibraries.info/libraries/liquid-crystal-i2-c . or if you have arduino, you can download the library from "Manage Library" looking for "LiquidCrystal I2C".

2. copy the library to the C:\Program Files (x86)\energia-1.8.7E21\libraries. make the necessary I2C connections

3. change the address from 0x20 to 0x27 and put 0x27,16,2.,  include the lcd library and upload the code.

4. comment out "WProgram.h" from the .cpp file if shows an error.

5. there you go!




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hi akanksha :

i have this problem on tiva C 1m4c123gxl, in the conection on the I2C i use SCL & SDA  trying with this code

#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>
#include <Wire.h>
LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27,16,2);

but in Energia IDE appears this


ATENCIÓN: la librería LiquidCrystal_I2C-1.1.2 pretende ejecutarse sobre arquitectura(s) (avr) y puede ser incompatible con tu actual tarjeta la cual corre sobre arquitectura(s) (tivac).
El Sketch usa 12768 bytes (4%) del espacio de almacenamiento de programa. El máximo es 262144 bytes.
Las variables Globales usan 1544 bytes (4%) de la memoria dinámica, dejando 31224 bytes para las variables locales. El máximo es 32768 bytes.
DSLite version
Configuring Debugger (may take a few minutes on first launch)...
    Initializing Register Database...
    Initializing: CORTEX_M4_0
    Executing Startup Scripts: CORTEX_M4_0
GEL: CORTEX_M4_0: GEL Output: 
Memory Map Initialization Complete
Loading Program: C:\Users\jllor\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_624696/Dif_P4.ino.elf
    Preparing ... 
    .text: 0 of 12768 at 0x0
Erasing Flash.
    .data: 32 of 188 at 0x31e0: 89%
    Finished: 89%
    Setting PC to entry point.: 89%
Failed to load dynamic library: 'ftd2xx.dll'

and i change the library.

if you have any notice i'll apreciate!

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