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How to program "raw" CC1330 chip?

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I've obtained a board with CC1330 IC that's not launchpad (it's E70 constellated module). It basically has all the power management, antenna port and access to almost all ports. I would like to use Energia IDE to program it, but not sure how. Can I just use FTDI type USB to Serial converter and connect it to chip's UART TX/RX/Reset ports?  

Basically how would you program CC1330 that's not on Launchpad?

I'd appreciate any info I can get :) 

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Interesting. I did not know about these modules. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Which module do you have (frequency)? These module are intended to be used as a network processor connected to an MCU. Looking at the user manual there is no serial loader implemented nor a way to update the firmware over the air. With that said, it seems that the modules expose the TCKC, TMSC and RESET line. You should be able to hookup these lines from the LaunchPad's XDS110 if you have one to program it with Energia. Please not that there are pin mappings specific for the LaunchPad that you might want to change.

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49 minutes ago, energia said:

Which ISP programmer do you have? If it's compatible with CC1310 then we should be able to figure something out.

I got "Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2"... I guess it won't work, since it's for AVR chips :( I ordered Launchpad, so I'll program it thru it's XDS110... How would I program secondary chip via Launchpad btw?  Will it program both in parallel or I can specify somehow? Sorry I never used JTAG before :)
Look how small this module is :) So much more practical lol


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