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msp430fr2355 serial monitor

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Dear all

I have bought a new msp430fr2355 launch pad. I was doing my setup coding test on that board using energia as a fast tool. I tried to blink the built in LED and works well.
when i tried to use serial to print a string on terminal, nothing appear and sometimes freeze up the LED blinking. too, i tested the pins connection in the PCB (msp launch pad) 
and everything was fine. so what the problem with serial interface?!.

Thanks in advance  

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this is a known problem with the 2355 launchpad emulator section.  (FR2433 as well).  The output from the emulator to the PC is delayed many seconds in time , OR, comes out quickly when the emulator buffer contains 64 characters.

TI will not fix it any time soon.   It has been reported on the e2e forum as well.

A workaround is to either wait that time for the characters, or write your own async driver, then wire the launchpad async port directly to an off-board module like an FTDI-type.   This may be a bit complex if you've never done it before.

I wish there were better news, but that's it !!

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a clarification:

- if you use energia : just wire up an async FTDI module to the LP 'backchannel' then use your favourite async sw (putty)

- if you use CCS : as above; plus write your own async driver.  ccs printf() can be made to send characters to the async port -or- write a 'tiny printf()' - there's a good one somewhere on this forum as I recall (by opossum).

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