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The open-source RTOS called "NUFR" has been ported to the MSP430/MSP430X CPUs. NUFR is a full featured RTOS--not just a simple scheduler. Features:

  • MSP430 and MSP430X 16- and 20-bit models
  • Make system included; all free/open-source tools
  • Prioritized & Preemptive multitasking; Round-Robin multitasking; context switching from interrupt handlers
  • Low-power extensions: tickless OS; special logic for low power mode
  • RNET IPv4/IPv6/UDP stack runs on NUFR
  • Message-based, event-driven
  • Example project for Launchpad board
  • Small RAM footprint: OS itself consumes 600 bytes; example project (2 1/2 tasks) at 1800 bytes
  • Offline development environment included; unit test strategy
  • Uses latest GCC (Somnium, was Red Hat) compiler
  • Includes a few manuals and how-to text files; document how to install GCC compiler, etc.
  • Source code follows best-practice coding standards. Well-documented. Doxygen comments embedded

Take it for a test drive!



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