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Powering ST LSM303AGR from MCU IO Pin

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At a previous project I turn on and off power to ST LIS3DH Accelerometer using a MOSFET Circuitry. This is so to make sure the I2C Sensor is not consuming current when not in use.

A colleague of mine designed to power a ST LSM303AGR from one of the MCU IO Pins. The MCU IO voltage is enough to power the ST LSM303AGR, so, should work. But, powering I2C Sensor from MCU IO Pins is not the usual way and new to me. Do you think that powering the ST LSM303AGR from one of the MCU IO Pin is okay or is not recommended?



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I've done this on products - powered an analog section off an I/O pin.  It is the cheapest power control method - heck it's free and it takes no power to implement.

If you need more current you can parallel two or more pins.  There is no problem with parallel MOSFETs, they will current share as rdson increases with temperature.

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