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Using a CP2102 with BSL-Scripter

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I don't know if this has any application for Energia, but might be of use to someone at some point.

I've been working on a way to embed a generic USB-to-UART adapter like the CP2102, FT232 or CH340 in an MSP340 project so firmware can be updated without having to buy a Launchpad.  The newer MSP430 parts presented a problem because BSL-Scripter, TI's software for BSL flashing for those parts, doesn't transmit the special invoke pattern on /Reset and Test.  Instead, it just brings both lines low, which messes things up.

I gave up on trying to recompile Scripter, but I've written a Windows program that generates the pattern, and developed  methods to disconnect DTR from /Reset after the pattern has invoked BSL, but before BSL-Scripter is run, which allows flashing to proceed with /Reset high.  A full explanation, source code, executable, and schematic are in my Github repo.  It all seems to work, at least with an FR2311 under Windows 7.



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Old thread, but still: would this method (using a usb serial adapter and either BSL-Scripter or BSLDEMO) work with a msp430F2416? The data sheet for the F2416 says it supports BSL, so today I tried it.
BSL-Scripter just says "device family not recognized" or something to that effect (I don't have the message in front of me right now).
BSLDEMO just complains that the sync sequence fails, and implies that the device might not be connected.
I think I have it wired up correctly (its just Tx, Rx, DTR and RTS).
Do I need a password file just to connect to a device? Is there a place to download the password file for a "fresh from factory" device, or do I have to construct it from data sheet / other data?

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