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Using a CP2102 with BSL-Scripter

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I don't know if this has any application for Energia, but might be of use to someone at some point.

I've been working on a way to embed a generic USB-to-UART adapter like the CP2102, FT232 or CH340 in an MSP340 project so firmware can be updated without having to buy a Launchpad.  The newer MSP430 parts presented a problem because BSL-Scripter, TI's software for BSL flashing for those parts, doesn't transmit the special invoke pattern on /Reset and Test.  Instead, it just brings both lines low, which messes things up.

I gave up on trying to recompile Scripter, but I've written a Windows program that generates the pattern, and developed  methods to disconnect DTR from /Reset after the pattern has invoked BSL, but before BSL-Scripter is run, which allows flashing to proceed with /Reset high.  A full explanation, source code, executable, and schematic are in my Github repo.  It all seems to work, at least with an FR2311 under Windows 7.



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