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PROBLEM! MSP430G2553 LauchPad on Linux

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Hi Guys!

I have MSP430 EXP LauchPad for my course. I want to program this lauchpad on Linux Mint but I have some troubles about that. Firstly, I downloaded Code Composer Studio to work on it but I had a error about port FET. Now I decided to download Energia, it looks like arduino IDE that is why I know about cart and port settings. My trouble on Energia is on the picture:

Ekran görüntüsü_2018-10-07_13-58-31.png

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I do not believe the G-series Launchpad works with Linux. CCS should have given you an warning during install. There is hardware incompatibility. You still have options:

i) Install CCS on Windows

ii) Get a different Launchpad that has a Linux driver. You can use this and jumper wires to flash your value line MCU.

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The mspdebug commandline tool work with the Launchpad EXP430G2 I have built a CCS 18.3 project and load up mspdebug like this to program the 430G2553

mspdebug rf2500



There are docs online for integrating it into CCS but for now the commandline is good enough for me.


I recently found out that Energia 21 will program using the new Launchpad EXP430G2ET but I believe it using DSLite to do that. It's found in the hardware/tools/DSLite directory of the Energia Linux installation.

UPDATE: command to program using Energia's dslite:

./hardware/tools/DSLite/DebugServer/bin/DSLite load -c ./hardware/tools/DSLite/MSP-EXP430G2ET2553LP.ccxml -f /tmp/arduino_build_790425/Blink.ino.elf


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found how to use DSLite to program G2ET on Linux
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