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MSP432 Black suddenly gone from Energia

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Tonight when I started up Energia on two different PCs, the black 432 board was gone.  I realize this was a pre-production board, and that TI has the right to pull support for anything at any time without notice, but this was an inconvenient time.  My robot with this board was to compete in a contest on Oct. 13.  Can anyone tell me what is going on?  Is there any workaround?

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This board is indeed obsoleted. It was replaced by the RED board many years ago. The TI-RTOS version it was based on no longer receives updates. Hence, it was time to retire this.

If you still like access to this board then do the following:

  1. Open Energia's preferences (File->Preferences or on macOS Energia->Preferences)
  2. Located "Additional Boards Manager URLs" and paste the following link into that field: https://energia.nu/packages/package_msp432_black_index.json
  3. Go to the board manager and you should see the black board appear again.

Good luck with your Robot project.


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And three years later...  It stopped being a solution.  I give up.  I'll donate my black 432 boards to someone in the club who wants to keep trying, but I will stick with the MSP430 boards which still work with my new PC, albeit more reliably if I use an old USB 2.0 splitter.

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