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Mac: No such file or directory when uploading

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Uploading a sketch on OSX 10.13.6 will not succeed.
I have replaced mspdebug with version 0.22 (was 0.24).

The *.hex file exists and is readable.

Any thoughts?



Energia: 1.8.7E20 (Mac OS X), Board: "MSP-EXP430G2 w/ MSP430G2553"


MSPDebug version 0.22 - debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs

Trying to open interface 1 on 020
Initializing FET...
FET protocol version is 30394216
Set Vcc: 3000 mV
Configured for Spy-Bi-Wire
Sending reset...
Device ID: 0x2553
  Code start address: 0xc000
  Code size         : 16384 byte = 16 kb
  RAM  start address: 0x200
  RAM  end   address: 0x3ff
  RAM  size         : 512 byte = 0 kb
Device: MSP430G2xx3
Number of breakpoints: 2
fet: FET returned NAK
warning: device does not support power profiling
Chip ID data: 25 53
prog: '/var/folders/c5/s_6mfn7x2_l2fsmqz5tz9qw40000gn/T/arduino_build_853049/sketch_oct03a.ino.hex': No such file or directory
An error occurred while uploading the sketch




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For anyone else, the steps to get this working are:

  1. Download and install PlatformIO (which is an extension for VS Code): https://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/ide/vscode.html#installation
  2. Rearrange your folder structure to be compatible w/ what PlatformIO expects (the readme goes into more detail).  https://www.dropbox.com/s/0twl3np2yw8q0iv/Screenshot 2018-10-11 17.31.50.png?dl=0
  3. You may also need to do a bit more work to construct a PlatformIO project file (my project already came with that, so I didn't need to do this step).


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