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SHTC3 library not working in Energia

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I'm working on msp430fr4133 board and interface SHTC3 (SENSIRION) sensor.

I'm working on energia v.18 IDE.

I've library of SHTC3 sensor based library.this library perfectly working in Arduino board.

But same library and its example sht-detect not working in energia IDE.

When I refer SHTC3 compatible library file .h and .cpp. if I'm comparing datasheet and library files then in .cpp not mention any hex address e.g Reset,ID, measure, sleep, wake up.

So,I have a 2 queries : (i) How this file working in arduino without addresses ? (ii) How to make energia compatible code by using attached library ?

Please suggest me sample code for SHTC3 (SENSIRION).


Thanks & Regards,





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