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Can the input voltage on a digital pin be higher than VCC?

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Assuming the MSP430 is powered by 3.3V, can I apply a 3.7V signal on a digital pin?  Can I apply a 2.5V input? Will it still read rising and falling edges on the pin if the voltage on the pin is more or less than the supply voltage?

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2 hours ago, energia said:

Same for the "Positive-going input threshold voltage"


Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.39.34 AM.png

Sorry, forgot to mention I'm using the MSP430G2553. From what I understand from the first table, the input voltage cannot be greater than 0.3V higher than VCC and 0.3V less than VSS, and the second table gives voltage thresholds for rising or falling edges? The second table only gives information for 1.8V and 3V; is there any way I can find those threshold voltages for VCC = 3.7V?

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