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Hi psp1004umd,

this MCU has the following "informational" Flash Memory:

Size 256 Byte in 4 Segments á 64 Bytes, Flash 010FFh to 01000h

There is a library colled "MspFlash.h" which you can include in your script. With this, you can use the segments B, C and D. A is protected so far.
You should be aware of the contraints when writing Flashmemory, you always have to erase the hole segment first:


#define Flash1 SEGMENT_B  // Alarmdata (AnzAlarme * 3 bytes, max. 21 Alarme moeglich/possible)
#define Flash2 SEGMENT_C  // Configdata ( 1 byte "Bundesland" (region)), 7 bytes last Time/Date
#define Flash3 SEGMENT_D  // 16 Feiertagsdaten nach Bundesland (German holidays per region),  3 Byte each.


void WFlash_Alarm() {
  for (byte i = 0; i < AnzAlarme; i++) {
    AlarmType::AType *M = &Alarme;
    Flash.write(Flash1 + (i * 3) , (unsigned char*) M, 3);

If this is clear, just write a reply.




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