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Justification needed for TI's sample.

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TI ask me to justify shipping samples to me, to my country.. haha.

I don't have that problem when I order products from them.


As a hobbyist I try not to order samples unless I really have something to work on on hand.


All I want is a G2553 for learning how to program Hardware UART so I can integrate it to my design.. lol..


Personally.. all Lauchpad should be equipped with something like the G2553, so we can learn more about the G series.

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@ zeke - This is the first time I ordered sample from TI.. haha..


@gordon - don't think it is a burb. a big yellow box pops out "please justify shipping samples to your country".something to the extend. I almost fall off my chair.


@hash - I am not a student... Yes, it is my country that triggered the justification. Funny we have a big TI presence here and I don't need a visa when I travel to the US, so not some export control problem. Maybe any sample shipped out of the US needs justification?


@robG - that is a good justification, if you have already gone so low in price @$4.30, loose the G2311 and equipped LPs with something with a Hardware UART.


Anyway the other time I ordered samples was from Microchip, got enough to last me a while, just I got a phone call for verification haha. oh and free dev kit from Renesas.., no questions asked, just what I was using it for.


note. I don't disagree or unhappy with their practice, since it is free sample, just surprised and find it hilarious.

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What country are you in? I was thinking of getting some samples. If I can get an extra 2553 I'll send one to you.


Thanks Fred, I am in Singapore.. I changed my profile email to my company's acct and resubmitted the sample request, pending approval, will know soon enough.


If that don't work, I will use my son to request sample as a student with his school acct.


Till yesterday I didn't know U.S. export control laws are enforced here, on yesterday's news, 4 got caught selling radio equipment to embargoed countries, the U.S. govt is trying extradite them to the U.S. for trials.




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Justification: Want to test the hardware UART and code, as smaller devices with software uart seem limiting.

It's a clear, concise, and business related request.


yes.. that is my justification.

My project works with G2331 but I would like to have more flexibility with a hardware UART.

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I also was asked to provide a justification (I'm in Mexico) I just provided my TI account in which I have a free email service provider and my justification was that "These parts are for evaluation purposes only" and was approved :D. That was Tuesday's night and I'm expecting my two G2553 for today!





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