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4ch Volt Meter using Nokia 5110

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...Functions fine at 1Mhz DCO but gets screwy when I run from XT2 @ 24MHz. (it generates snow on the screen, haha) I think I just need to sort out the bit rate.

PCD8544's maximum SPI bitrate is 4.0 Mbits/s

Also, 5110 very slow when it comes to refresh time, I have created oscilloscope code for it but it's unusable on that LCD. Will try it on oLED.

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I don't, but this is how to connect it:


5110's SCLK pin to  LP's P1.5
DN pin to P1.7
SCE pin to P1.4
DC pin to P1.6


And of course 5110's Vcc to LP's 3.3V and GND to LP's GND.


Also, you will have to connect 5110's RST pin to 47k resistor and to 0.1uF capacitor. Resistor to Vcc, capacitor to GND (RC reset.)

You could also use one of LP's pins to reset LCD.

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