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Detect if bluetooth is paired or not

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Hello ,

I'am trying develop a data logger to send data to a device through bluetooth, but in my state machine i want make a state were I can verify if the bluetooth is paired with smartphone, does anyone can help me , i don't have idea how can I do this.

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For us to help you, you have to provide a lot more information.

  1. What processor are you using?
  2. What programming environment are you using?
  3. What software tests have you performed?
  4. Can you show us some software that you are testing?
  5. What specific question(s) are you asking us?
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sorry for the late answer,

  1. I'm using msp432P401R
  2. I am using code composer studio CCS
  3. at the moment I was able to transmit data from msp432 to bluetooth
  4. yes I will attach the code that can be tested with the application for smartphone BT Simple Terminal for android
  5. there are two issues or problems I have that I can not solve:
    1. Using an HC-05 chip or the microchip RN-41 how can I detect through code if the smartphone is paired with one of these devices.(the idea is if you are paired to start sending data to the mobile phone, if you are not waiting for pairing without sending data.)
    2. the second problem is to integrate the DMA into a function that allows me to ensure transmission of data without lost. This task may be the most difficult since I do not understand how it can be done



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