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The Terminal - 43oh OLED Booster Pack

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Wow that looks really nice. I've played around with those OLEDs before the only issue I had is that you can't read back data when using SPI. Which rules out using a lower cost MSPs (G2231) :(


There are two spi modes.. 3 wire and 4 wire. Robg is trying to get 4-wire working in his4ch Voltmeter project. You can read back data in the 4 wire mode. Is there any reason you want to read back data?


Correct me if I am mislead, I've only worked with the (older?) SH1101A controllers. However don't you have to write data to the display in banks of 8 pixels at a time? A problem if you want to set or reset individual pixels.


The 3 wire SPI mode only appears to place the value of the D/C pin into the MSB of a 9 bit packet. :(


However I just found something promising in the datasheet: "

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So since the past month, I have been working on an OLED display for the Launchpad. It is a 128*64 OLED based on the SSD1306 driver. The booster pack is currently configured as SPI to a MSP430G2452. Th

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You could use UCxSTE for CS or keep it the way it is.


The 3 things that have to happen to make it work with 2553 are:


1. connect oLED's D/C to MCU

2. swap P1.6 with P1.7. USI's SDO is on P1.6, but USCI's UCB0SIMO is on P1.7 (this is why I go overboard with jumper headers on my boosters)

3. pull oLED's BS0 low.


Am I missing anything?

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