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Energia don't work on mac

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Hello my friends,
I have a macbookPro with macOS highSierra and I installed the latest version of IDE energy. After that I tried to compile the basic blink example. Following error was returned:

ino2cpp: error: sketch directory '{build.project_path}' doesn't exist or isn't a directory.
exit status 1
Error compiling for board RED LaunchPad w/ msp432 EMT (48MHz).


Can someone help me? I would like to have energia functional.

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Just putting here a possible solution, in case another Mac user visits this post:

If even verify doesn't work on Mac for an example, the reason is most probably the arduino-builder. To fix that issue: 

  1. Install Arduino Software and right click to Show Package Contents. Find and copy Contents>Java>arduino-builder.
  2. Go to Energia and right click to Show Package Contents, paste and replace the copied arduino-builder with the one in Energia’s Contents>Java>arduino-builder.
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