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Checksum error in DHT11 interface with MSP430G2553

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I bet, there are some serious issues with Energia 18. The library by Rob Tillaart works just fine on Energia 12. No problems whatsoever. I am finding it difficult to make I2C devices work on Energia 18 as well. Need to try out with Energia 12 afresh. Thanks for all the support, though!


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My guess is that there are some timing changes between the 2 versions of Energia. I'll look into it. For I2C, please note that to accommodate the "new" BoosterPack standard which puts I2C on pins 9 and 10, we implemented a software based I2C interface since some of the MSP430's do not have I2C brought out to pins 9/10. 

To use the legacy pins which puts hardware I2C on pins 14/15 in your Sketch before Wire.begin() call Wire.setModule(0).

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