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Hi @Amanchaturvedi

You don't say whether you are using CCS or Energia....

I have not used the CC3200 in quite some time but the Pxx numbers on the silk screen which are barely legible refer to the package pin numbers - refer to table 3.1 of the datasheet:  http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cc3200.pdf

According to the datasheet there are two UARTs.  You can multiplex them with CCS.

In Energia it is possible with some LaunchPads to have Serial1 but I don't know if this is possible with the CC3200.  Have a look at the pin map and try - probably pin 9 is TX(1) using the standard BoosterPack header nomenclature and Pin 10 is RX(1).  Pins 3 and 4 should be regular serial RX and TX respectively.

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