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Launchpad - Stacking Multiple Booster Packs?

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I am preparing to purchase equipment for a student lab and am heading towards the SimpleLink MSP432 Launchpad (to have wiFi integrated and avoid a wifi boosterpack).  To make the lab interesting the EDU Booster pack looks good (switches, joystick, light/temperature, LCD, servo motor controller) but this course traditionally also makes use of stepper motors and keypad, so that leads me to to think that I want to buy the Launchpad plus  3 boosterpacks: EDU + stepper + keypad.

Can I use 3 boosterpacks on a single launchpad (all at one time)?


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I've looked at the BoosterPack checker -- what a nice tool!

Question 1: Is this the best place to get this kind of buying support?  I can't find anything. Sorry.

Question 2: The TI BoosterPack checker lists the ORBIT BoosterPack for Tiva C Series Launchpad but non of the launch pads are compatible! (even the EK-TM4C123GXL Tiva™ C Series LaunchPad Evaluation Kit from TI).    Both are products listed on the Digilent site, but the TI checker shows them as incompatible. How do I find a Launchpad that works with the ORBIT BoosterPack?

Question 3: May I please ask what it means when Compatability is YES but "with warnings"?

   Example: Ek-TM4C123GXL plus Educational BoosterPack MKII are fully compatible (with 0 warnings) but I cannot add wi-fi (nor stepper) because the wi-fi booster packs are incompatible

   But if instead, I try the LaunchXL-CC1310 (so I have wifi by default) with the Education BoosterPack MKII, it says it IS Compatible but there are 5 warnings

       Pin 17 (LCD,RST), Pin 31 (LCD, RS Pin), Pin 32 and 33 (Button 1 & 2, I/O) and Pin 32 (Gator Hole).

     Do that mean the the Launch XL will be wi-fi connected and will be able to use all the stuff on the Educational Booster Pack except for the LCD and the Buttons?   (Perhaps not the tradeoff I'm looking for, but just so that I understand what a warning is).

Thank you very much.

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Unfortunately, I don't have answers to all your questions.

If you're working in academia, you may contact https://university.ti.com/en directly.

LaunchPad CC1310 is sub-1 GHz, not WiFi.

Contrary to what the BoosterPack Checker says, LaunchPad CC3200 is not compatible with the Education BoosterPack MKII, because analog inputs are limited to 1,5V on the LaunchPad CC3200. Please refer to this review for more details.

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