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CoRTOS: An open source minimalist RTOS

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I created a mirror of your source code on github. I extracted all the files so people can look at it without downloading a zip file.

I also created a msp430 branch that shows the changes I needed to make to get simple blinky and super blinky to compiler for the msp430.



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41 minutes ago, NicholasLindan said:

You uploaded the wrong version - it should be V1d01 - you can find it a few posts up.

I uploaded the zip file that is available from sourceforge.  You pointed me at that.  If I'm going to upload something to source control, I'm going to base it on a source code control system instead of a forum post that is likely to disappear.


41 minutes ago, NicholasLindan said:

Don't you feel putting it on GitHub under your name and account is a bit presumptuous?

No I don't think it is presumptous.  I really don't claim to have written it. The readme doesn't say anything about me being the author. The README.md indicates it is a mirror of your original. It also has all your contact information not mine. I would much prefer that you have a repository that I could fork and provide changes via a pull requests instead of dealing with zip files. Zip files are not a source code control system.

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CoRTOS V 1.10 is now available on Sourceforge at:  https://sourceforge.net/projects/cortos-simple/

V 1.10 adds general purpose counting/binary/signaling semaphores.  It also fixes a bug in the context save/restore for the AVR processor.  Documentation has had some minor improvements.

If you are using an older version you should incorporate the update.  The change from the old resources to the newer semaphores should be painless.

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