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I have a project idea to control SCRs connected to three phase electric heater.

I need to know which phase is behind and which phase is ahead with respect to selected/chosen phase.

IMO, three pins with interrupts attached to them may satisfy the need.

Each interrupt will be driven/triggered by seperate zero crossing circuits.

After deciding which phase leading which one lagging, I may be capable to fire the SCRs at desired angles.

Could someone tell me which msp430gXYZ chip is suitable for the job and has available (more than one) interrupt pins?


I am a mechanical engineer by education.

So, feel free to criticise my approach with terms of electrics discipline.



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In general, the G2xx chips have 16 interrupt-capable pins (if they have that many pins at all).

For development, I'd suggest the G2553 on the LaunchPad.


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