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Hello ,

I'm using MSP430F5131 Microcontroller of TI.
I also use a MSP-FET Emulator in order to program that device.
i have written a code in Code Composer Studio (Defined the properties of CCS's project to the devices im using).
I compiled the program and no errors has found.
Then i connected the MSP-FET to the board according to the datasheet SLA138H , page 26 . (The board supplies the 3.3V so i connected it to pin 4 in the JTAG connector of the MSP-FET). I didn't connect the TEST/VPP and didnt connect the the resistor R2 330Ohms as instructed in that datasheet coz i dont need to use the fuse blow protection functionality.

My problem occurs when i try to download the program to the MSP430 device , when i hit on the downloading button an error message pops up :
"Error connecting to the target: Unknown device".

I tried to do the same in IAR Embedded Workbench (Same code , same properties) it asks me to update my firmware of the MSP-FET i click ok and it updates the firmware , but then i get the same error as i have got in the Code Composer Studio : 
"Tue May 01, 2018 11:08:46: Fatal error: Could not find device (or device not supported) Session aborted! "

It is needed to be said that when i hit on the download button the "MODE" red led on the MSP-FET flashes and then stays on after the error message has been popped.

I tried to get the 3.3V supply voltage for the downloading purposes from the MSP-FET (JTAG pin 2) and it still doesn't work and get the same error.

I also made sure that the MSP430 gets the amount of voltage its needed (3.3V from the board by a regulator).

I would like to know how i can solve this problem and download my code into the MSP430.

I have attached a wiring schematic of the board. hope it will help.

thanks in advance.

updated electrical drawing.pdf

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When I've seen that error I've gone back to double-check the properties and make sure that CCS has the correct device - it seems to corrupt that data from time to time - and assert that it's got the correct device.  Next is to confirm that there is sufficent power to the device and that CCS is able to correctly sense the presence & feedback. It appears you're using the SBW FET (not the USB), which is very sensitive to whether the jumper to indicate FET-powered vs. Ext-powered is properly confifigured. I don't see that jumper in your schematic, and the FET is not forgiving if the power is external and the FET is configured as internal.

Take a look at page 21 on SLAU278AC

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@omerdf, I just dealt with the same problem last night.

I had two competing pull up resistors on the Reset/Test line between my CPU board and my Support board.

The strong 1K pullup on the manual reset circuit was interfering with the programming port. 

I had to temporarily remove the R4 and C1 of the Manual Reset Control circuit and then the board would program.

Does this help?


Spy Bi-Wire Programming.png

Manual Reset Control.png



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